How to Yoga

The title of this post may strike you as rather odd. It feels awkward, probably because colloquial language would phrase it, "how to do yoga" or "how to practice yoga." It's true that yoga is, on the contemporary scene, something that people do- in the sense of going to a class and "doing" certain poses. And yes, yoga has long been associated with a set of techniques (most famously the eight-limbed practice) that would lead us to refer to "doing" those techniques. This is all true. But in a culture that values incessant activity, or doing something to achieve a specific result, has the active yoga not sidelined and supplanted the still yoga? Contemporary yoga turns on a subtle point: the culturally normalized talk of “doing” yoga obscures and dilutes the sense of yoga as an embodied practice, a way of being, by generally favoring references to yoga as practices that you do, rather than as a

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