Joe Loizzo on The New Mind-Body Research & the Yogic Science of Integration (#158)

This episode of Chitheads is a talk from Joe Loizzo republished from Embodied Philosophy’s 2020 Yoga Seminar. Dr. Joe Loizzo, a contemplative neuropsychiatrist, Indic scholar, and meditation researcher at Weill Cornell, guides participants through the great scientific revolution of the twenty-first century: the rediscovery of embodied mind and the arts of mind-brain integration. Setting the stage by reviewing the modern history of the mind/body problem in the West, he surveys the last few decades of breakthroughs in research on stress, plasticity, yoga, and meditation that have recently converged in the emerging multi-disciplinary paradigm of mind-brain integration.

This episode is a taste of a deeper dive with Dr. Joe Loizzo in our upcoming 30-hr Certificate Program, “Buddhist Psychology in the Nalanda Tradition,” co-presented with the Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science. To learn more or to take advantage of the Early Bird pricing (before May 19), go here.

About the Guest

Joseph (Joe) Loizzo, MD, PhD, is a Harvard-trained psychiatrist and Columbia-trained Buddhist scholar with over forty years of experience studying the beneficial effects of contemplative practices on healing, learning, and development. Joe is the Founder & Academic Director of the Nalanda Institute. He is Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry in Integrative Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College, where he researches and teaches contemplative self-healing and optimal health. He has taught the philosophy of science and religion, the scientific study of contemplative states, and the Indo-Tibetan mind and health sciences at Columbia University, where he is Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Columbia Center for Buddhist Studies.

In this episode, we discuss:

  1. The philosophy of science from a Western point of view and practice.
  2. The history and context of the mind-body split in Western science.
  3. Research on stress and neuroplasticity that shed light on the mind-body connection.
  4. Buddhist and scientific definitions of the mind and consciousness.
  5. The question of where do I find my mind?
  6. A multi-disciplinary paradigm of mind-brain integration.
  7. Yoga as the science of integrating the human nervous system, mind, and body with awareness.

Select slides from Joe’s Talk here.

Quotes from the Episode

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