John Greer on Perennial Philosophy (#89)

About the Guest

John Greer has spent nearly twenty years inquiring deeply into sacred texts and teachings of the world’s traditions, spurred by his own spiritual search. He is a dedicated practitioner of meditation and has taught insight meditation for over a decade. John Greer holds a Ph.D. in education from Pennsylvania State University, and in three decades as a professor at the University of Memphis published numerous articles, co-authored several books on education and special education and was a recipient of the university’s highest award for distinguished teaching. He also served for two years in Nepal with the Peace Corps and has traveled extensively on six continents. He lives with his wife in Memphis. To learn more about John Greer and his work, visit

In this episode, we discuss:

  1. Role of his travels and his perennial philosophy
  2. Using metaphors to make sense of non duality (e.g. “hole in the cheese”)
  3. Position of the status of education in this country from the perspective of his perennial position (occupational oriented vs. wholeness as a person, process of individuation as children)
  4. Exile and Return
  5. Verifiability
  6. Wonder and the extraordinary beauty of life
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