Nothing Can Be Taught

“We don’t study the Veda; we feel the presence of the ṛṣi (seer).”

~ Sri Aurobindo ~

 “Repeat the Sanskrit alphabet while seated in lotus posture,” my Vedic Sanskrit teacher once requested. “It will purify your entire nervous system.” As I pronounced the 50 sounds with awareness, I noticed a pattern of energy associated with each, traced along specific nerve channels. I’d feel them as a current of energy that seemed to increase my feeling intelligence—a kind of a priori knowing—within my body/mind. From the feeling of the sounds, I could understand naturally what they meant. “This is the purpose of Vedic education,” my Panditji later explained. “The continuous repetitive chanting of the pure sounds of Sanskrit awakens what’s lying dormant within your nervous system. It gives you a greater capacity to know. Nothing can be taught— onl

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