Om as Guru

One who chants Om, which is the closest form of Brahman, approaches Brahman. This liberates one from the fear of the material world. Rig Veda, circa 1500 BC
Rare is the yogic text or scripture that does not extoll Om as a method of Self realization. You will find there that Om is sometimes referred to with synonyms, such as “Pranava” – sound of the prana; “Udgita” – uprising song; “Shabda” – primordial word; or “Nada” – subtle sound. These readings indicate that Om itself is a universal teacher of the enlightened state. In the first chapter of the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali reveals:
“Ishwara is that supreme person untouched by karma, afflictions or desires. Being unlimited by time, that is the guru of the ancients. The name of That is OM. The repetition of Om leads to realization of its meaning. From that comes the attainment of consciousne

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