On the Guru Principle

Na Guroradhikam Tattvam Na Guroradhikam tapah Tattvajnanat param nasti Tasmai Sri Gurave namah. ~ Guru Gita On Sundays, one of my favorite New York City rituals is attending Guru Gita at Siddha Yoga on the Upper West Side. Don't let the name of this place fool you. Here you won't find Lululemon attire or slim, fit yoga bodies. Here there are no warrior poses or excessive handstands. The yoga of Siddha Yoga is of a different sort than the physically driven disciplines of late; it is a yoga more traditional and more ritualized, focused primarily on meditation and the recitation of sacred texts. The Guru Gita is one of these texts, chanted in Sanskrit with others in a ritualized setting not dissimilar to a church service (except there are no sermons). Swami Muktenanda created Siddha Yoga in the days when guru communities were still popular and founded it on his spiritual and philosophical commitment to the teachings of

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