Physics and Tao, the Eternal Dance

One of the great unanswered questions in the history and philosophy of science is why science arose in the West and not in the East. Scholars point to the early technological developments from China such as gunpowder and rockets and wonder how China failed to capitalize on these and other developments to establish a theoretical basis for science, as did western culture. But in these speculations, and they are no more than idle and prejudicial speculations, there is at least an inaccurate presumption if not a dangerous assumption that Chinese and other Eastern philosophies are somehow unscientific, a view which mistakenly places eastern ideas in an inferior position relative to western science. Neither the statement that Eastern cultures did not formulate sciences nor the implications of this statement can be regarded as accurate. Science after a fashion did develop in the East as concepts such as Chi, Qi or Ki demonstrate. Medical technologies such as acupuncture and holistic medicine

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