Psychedelics and the Spiritual Path – Critical voices and Considerations

‘I undertake the training to abstain from intoxicants which cloud the mind’ (the Fifth Precept of Buddhism)
This paper was originally presented as a presentation at of the British Psychological Society’s Transpersonal Psychology 19th annual conference - ‘Psychedelics, Psychology and Spirituality’.
It was my intention, in the best spirit of academic debate and inquiry, to offer some critical perspectives and considerations related to the use of psychedelics in relation to the origins and development of Transpersonal Psychology.

To this end I reflected on the work and lives of some influential counter culture figures including Albert Hofmann, Abraham Maslow, Ram Dass and others - each of whom raised particular concerns and doubts in relation to the potential risks associated with psychedelics, which I will argue still resonate today.
Where appropriate I have also included some of the varied positions one mig

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