Queering / Querying the Body: Sensation and Curiosity in Disrupting Body Norms

It is not uncommon to mistake social norms about bodies as also physically natural, psychologically healthy, and morally right.  As a result, it is easy to minimize the cost required to bring the body into compliance with social norms of physical appearance and comportment.  Likewise, it can be tempting to dismiss how frequently we judge the worth of others based on the degree to which they conform to prevailing body image ideals.  Queering/querying the body provides a means for disrupting social norms of the body; not by expanding the repertoire of socially acceptable bodily expressions, but by working to disable the act of body norming itself.  This disabling can be facilitated by a turn toward the lived, felt experience of the body and an intentional cultivation of the body’s deep curiosity.  By privileging sensation, attending to movement impulses, and honoring embodied intuition, we access a subjective da

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