Salutation to the Devī

Salutation to the Devī, to the great Devī. Salutation always to her who is auspicious. Salutation to her who is the primordial cause, to her who is gracious. With minds intent, we bow down to her. The annual Durgā Pūjā is the climax of Navarātrī, literally “nine nights,” which is in fact a ten day observance. I like to call this the “Hindu High Holy Days,” because it is a very special time of year. During that time we are called upon to intensify our spiritual practice by chanting the Divine Mother’s name, repeating the mantra Jaya Śrī Durgā. Navarātrī also gives us the opportunity to turn our minds toward the Divine Mother in her fierce, benevolent, and knowledge-giving aspects. One of the observances is

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