Super Consciousness

Yoga is a metaphysical philosophy that emerged in ancient India in response to those seeking happiness and freedom. In order to accomplish this, the intention of yoga is the control of the activities of the field of the mind. It is not to control the mind for the sake of controlling the mind. Rather, it is to refine the mind to such a subtle level that one attains personal firsthand experiential knowledge of the dualistic nature of existence. In sutras 17 to 22, Patanjali introduces the concept of samadhi, the state of super consciousness that arises when the mind is brought under control by systematically moving inward and becomes quiet enough to experience the true Self. First, the seeker concentrates on an object or a seed of thought, and then advances to objectless or seedless concentration. There are technically seven progressive levels of samadhi that will be brought forth by the end of the Samadhi Pada and divided into two categories. Samprajnata samadhi

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