Susanna Harwood Rubin on Pilgrimage, Kali & Cancer (#98)

About the Guest:

Susanna Harwood Rubin is the author of Yoga 365: Daily Wisdom for Life On and Off the Mat. She is a yoga teacher, writer, and artist whose work is rooted in South Indian Philosophy. Based in NYC, Susanna teaches internationally and speaks on yoga, meditation, and Hindu myth. Her spiritual home is in Chidambaram, at the great Nataraja and Tillai Kali Temples. She teaches Devi Soul Yoga, combining yoga asana with mantra, myth, and mudra, and is the creator of 30 Things and Writing Your Practice workshops and online courses that apply yoga philosophy and myth to the practice of writing. Susanna writes for numerous publications and has been featured on HuffPostLive, MSNBC Today, SHE Summit, Yoga Journal, Mantra Wellness, and more.

In this episode, we discuss:

  1. Yoga’s evolution in New York City immediately following 9/11 and how Susanna found a yoga practice rooted in an intelligent spiritual worldview
  2. Does everything happen for a reason? How Karma and Lila (divine play) interact in our lives
  3. Yoga of cancer as a deep inner conversation with the body rather than the language of battle
  4. What is pilgrimage? Can we engage in pilgrimage even if we can’t travel to spiritual sites?
  5. Susanna’s pilgrimage with Kali, the Mother Goddess who represents all possibility
  6. Choosing who to walk through your (inner) life with
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