Sweet Surrender: the Story of Draupadi

Standing at the edge of a dark void, the seeker peeks over the precipice. Nothing but the dark unknown before her, she momentarily stands paralyzed, wishing she could return to familiarity -- where the comforts of knowing are warm and caressing. But she has outgrown the old self; to go back would be impossible. She peers back at where she’s come from, so grateful for the experiences and the opportunities to learn. Determined now, she faces the void, and with a deep breath in, she leaps.
Embodying the fool archetype (the zero point, beginner’s mind), is not something that happens only once at the start of our journey, as if the spiritual path were a smooth trajectory from nothingness to transcendence. These experiences are cyclical. There are stops and starts, moments of wakefulness and forgetting. Suddenly, after years of seeming evolution, we may find ourselves suddenly on ruined foundations, ones that we had thought were too deep to crumble. And

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