Ten Faces of the Mother

The ways to meditate are many and varied. One of them centers on an inner point of concentration, the shrine of the heart. Entering into this holy place, into the very center of awareness, the spiritual aspirant can contemplate and worship the Divine in the most personal and powerful of ways.

The divine reality, called Brahman in the Upaniṣads, is the Self of the cosmos, an inexpressible Oneness that transcends the world of form even while pervading every atom of it. Brahman is also the transpersonal essence of every individual soul—supreme Self-awareness—and it is one with its power, called Śakti. The two are an indivisible and infinitely creative unity.

Śakti reveals herself personified as Durgā, Kālī, Lakṣmī, Sarasvatī and a host of other goddesses. Each aspect is like a photo, capturing a distinct image in an instant of time. Yet in all h

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