The Enigma of Existence

Different from grasping, the gesture of greeting enables openness between the subject and object. Greeting is an invitation to the abyss within. Meditation is a gaze within that provides an already sublimated energy to thought (Irigaray, 1991, 171). The gaze of the meditating Buddha is not divisive, or incisive, it does not grasp, but wistfully sits, open to existence as it is.  In the realization that nowhere is anything lasting, phenomena appear, exist, and then disappear; gone forever, existing only in the tumultuous caverns of memory. The decrepitude of the material realm, the impermanence of the body, is an “invariable form of variation” (Deleuze, 1994, 2).

The trick of the mind is to view the isness as stasis, but even stasis is becoming static. All existence is becoming. Even sitting still is becoming stillness. Emptying the mind opens it up to resonances, pulses, power-flows, and integral dynami

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