The Myth of Duality

Most people give little thought to the reasons why they see the world as they do—why they see themselves as separate and alone. Our view of reality is something taken for granted, too obvious to be questioned. But in fact it’s not intrinsic, it is learned. Today, as in ancient times, our spiritual malaise arises from the unreal nature of our perceptions. Though we are born into oneness, unselfconscious and unaware of any separation between ourselves and everything else, that soon begins to change. From the earliest stages of life, we learn to “see” the same reality as everyone else in our family and community. We are taught to label everything around us, to master the temporal framework of past, present, and future, and most importantly, to assume the name and separate identity we are told is ours. The conceptual worldview and collective beliefs of our society become so ingrained in us that we gradually lose the fresh, innocent vision of our beginnings. We f

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