The Royal Secret: Krishna’s Call to Surrender

Central to the theme of the beloved Bhagavad Gita is an invitation to a way of living that seemingly contradicts most of what we in the West have thrived on as our most basic human right: free will.  The “Royal Secret”, described in Chapter 9 of the Gita, is this: there is no greater freedom than surrender to the Lord.  Material reality is an illusion; our attachment to form and possessions is the obstacle to happiness, and in order to know the Truth we must participate fully with no expectations or attachments to the all too human process that got us into this situation of suffering (dukha) to begin with.  In order to achieve the highest Yoga, Krishna says, each of us must fulfill our duty of being human. We must engage, participate, honor discipline and responsibility to our household; but ultimately we must give up identification with everything, the pleasant and the unpleasant, by offering it up to God.
Whatever you do, whatev

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