The Unified Field Pre-Visited

“Progress of our understanding of physics over the past quarter century has been made by exploring deeper levels of natural law…and what we’ve discovered at the basis of the universe is this single universal field of intelligence.” ~ John Hagelin, Ph.D., Theoretical Physicist
After many months of adhyāyānam (“call and response chanting”) with very little talking in between, my Vedic Sanskrit teacher once spontaneously shared some profound wisdom. “You know Sanskrit is not a language,” he revealed. “It is the very mind of God. This world is the spoken breath of God. Our breath is the breath of God. When we direct it back to the divine source with our holy chants, we merge with Him.” Indeed, the oral transmission of the Vedas in Sanskrit reveals experientially what quantum physics describes as the unified field. From the Vedic perspective not only does it join gravity with light, but the unified field is a subjecti

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