VR and Somatic Inquiry: Visualizing or Somatizing Balance?

The use of visualization within the healing art form of Somatic Movement Education and Therapy has expanded rapidly over the 20th century, in large part beginning with the system of Ideokinesis developed by Mabel Todd, author of The Thinking Body.1. Ideokinesis evolved from the work of Mabel Ellsworth Todd and her students Barbara Clark and Lulu Sweigard.  Sweigard invented 9 “lines of movement" that when visualized through the body result in improved alignment (mechanical balance) and movement performance.  There are no specific training programs in Ideokinesis per se.  However Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Anna Halprin’s, Nancy Topf’s and Eric Franklin’s programs have their roots in it to varying degrees. Glenna Batson, Irene Dowd, Pamela Matt, Marsha Paladin, and John Rolland as well as their students have taught or still teach in Europe and throughout North America.  It i

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