We Will Never Not Have Thoughts

The Yoga Sutras tell us that Yoga is control over the activities of the field of the mind. Then we stand in the true Self, purusha. All other times, we stand in our thoughts, prakriti. In this dualistic system, we can never experience purusha and prakriti at exactly the same time even though, as embodied beings, we experience purusha via prakriti. Purusha is pure consciousness, absolute and unchanging. Prakriti is material consciousness and evolves from the most gross sensual experience of the earthly realm to the most subtle realm of the mind. And this is where the practice of Yoga is happening – in prakriti, in the mind. In my experience, it is that moment in meditation when I come back from … where? ... from somewhere where I was not aware of my thoughts. It’s that instant right before I realize, “Oh, I am me and I am meditating.” But where was I? That might be my favorite question o

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