What is Direct Realization?

Direct realization spiritual practice emphasizes the direct encounter. It de-emphasizes faith, trust and belief in favor of finding out about Reality firsthand for yourself. The direct realization traditions I have practiced in are the Trika Shaivite tradition of Kashmir and the Dzogchen tradition of Tibet. While these two traditions have somewhat different cultural roots and practices, the core View and method are identical. The core View of both Trika Shaivism and Dzogchen is that the natural, unconditioned state of alive awareness is available to be directly known and more consciously embodied. This alive awareness has many names: God, Shiva Nature, flowing presence, instant presence, and so on. All of these names are pointing to the the fundament of our existence: omnipresent awareness and energy. The core Method comprises various means that enable practitioners to directly perceive and reintegrate their experience with the natural state. In both traditions, transmission from a

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