What’s Prayer Got to Do With It?

My cousin Sophia was murdered on April 10th, 2007. She died almost 6 months before her 21st birthday. The last time I saw her in the flesh was during the Christmas holiday of 2006. We were gathered as immediate and extended family at Sophia’s urging in my childhood home. She asked my parents to host a gathering because it had been a long time since we were together without the rituals that accompany a funeral. 

I remember Sophia as filled with light. She was housed in beautiful brown skin and a smile that filled her entire face. When she walked through the door at our house, I knew she was an adult, but all I could see was a baby face. She looked even younger to me than she looked just a few years prior, after our grandmother died. My mind could only see her as a baby. At 14 years old, she was indeed the first baby I was allowed to care for as babysitter. To me, she was evidence of my own maturity and

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