Who Do You Think You Are?

Avidya—ignorance—is a deep habit of consciousness, but its one we can shift with intention, practice, and a lot of help from the universe. Lauren, a Los Angeles yoga teacher, slipped in a lunge while teaching and broke her ankle. Because she’s a practice-through-the-pain kind of yogi , she didn’t even stop to assess the injury before continuing her class.  When she finally got to the doctor, she found out she would have to stay off the ankle for at least a month.

For Lauren, this triggered a deep identity crisis. Since her teens, her supple, strong body has been the source of her wellbeing, her self-esteem, and, as an adult, her income. She can still teach yoga with a broken ankle, and her injury may even turn out to be the incentive to deepen her understanding of alignment. But because the ‘me’ she has always felt herself to be is tied to her physicality, the accident has left her deeply disoriented. Of course, she tells m

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