Yoga Apologia

Toward a Heretical Yoga Philosophy

It has for some time struck me as curious that a tradition of defending or justifying one’s views regarding a particular thing is referred to as apologetics. In English, apology has two meanings, referring to both an expression of regret (and perhaps admission of guilt) and a set of arguments employed to defend or support a position or worldview. In the history of philosophy, apologetics is famously the tradition that defends, through philosophical argumentation, the existence of God. If we allow these two meanings of apology to mingle with one another, then one might be permitted the slightly absurd question: why must I apologize for making an apology? To whom, after all, am I apologizing, and what am I apologizing for? What conditions the need for an apology in the first place? Furthermore, how might a philosophical argument (an apology in the first se

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