Yogic Process & Plato’s Allegory of the Cave

In "How Myth Point us to the Truth", I explored how stories and myths connect us to each other and our shared experience as human beings. In this post, I want to share a myth from the work of the Greek philosopher Plato and how it is a beautiful analogy for the yogic process.

While this myth (or allegory) is from the Greek tradition, most of what we will explore over the coming posts is from the Hindu tradition. But again, as we discussed in the last post of this series, when it comes to archetypes, we’re looking to expand beyond “our” tradition and “their” tradition, and trying to look more at all of these stories as a part of the human tradition. (Be forewarned as I take poetic liberties with the telling of the story).

In The Republic - a work about the ideal political dynamic - Plato tells us of a race of peo

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