Ancient Greek Wisdom with Athena Potari (#170)

Athena Potari

About the Guest

Athena Potari is a philosopher and advocate of Hellenic wisdom. She argues for a reclamation of Ancient Greek thought that gives voice to the spiritual elements of Ancient Greek Philosophy. She has a PhD in Political Theory from the University of Oxford, and teaches the philosophy and spirituality of Hellenism at her school in Athens, Greece, which models itself on the ancient Greek philosophical academies.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How engaging with the Indian yogic traditions can clarify our ability to find wisdom in our own indigenous traditions.
  • The unique energetic “field” of Oxford and how it nurtured her academic and philosophical development.
  • The basics of the Hellenic worldview, and how it frames a spiritual path that sees the All as both One and Many.
  • The inherently political nature of Being.
  • The ways in which the modern university does not satisfy the deepest impulses toward eudaemonia – happiness, or fulfillment.
  • A view of ethics not as “morality” but as “habits of energy.”
  • Philosophy not as an “intellectual” but an “embodied” endeavor. 
  • The teachings of various ancient Greek philosophers, including Plato, Heraclitus, Plotinus, and Pythagoras. 
  • The holistic synergy between consciousness and matter.
  • The nature of Being.

Quotes from the Episode

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