Biology & Spirituality: What a Woman’s Biology Might Be Trying to Teach Her About Her Spiritual Path

The changes a woman’s body undergoes through her lifetime create natural rites of passage; each one offers an opportunity for spiritual growth.
What does a woman’s biology have to teach about her spiritual path? What might a woman’s spirit be trying to teach her through her biology? There are many ways to understand the relationship between biology and spirit. In understanding the self, biology can be defined as the engagement with the material world. Spirit can be defined as that part of the self that is engaged in a larger field of participation beyond the material. On one level, it is not really possible to break down spiritual experience according to gender. Every person’s experience of spirit is unique. Ultimately, everyone passes through similar types of initiations on the path to spiritual wholeness. There is something to be learned about one’s relationship to spirit from either set of biological structures – male or female. Response to spirit is not dete

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