Brain Health and the Science of Spirituality

Attaining your highest-possible level of brain health requires an approach that includes psychospiritual development, which in turn, will open up new levels of awareness and vitality.
There’s a lot of information out there on brain health these days.  Most of it is very helpful if you want to improve core brain functions such as memory or even relieve some psychiatric symptoms. Yet, spirituality leads to higher states of experience and maturity, also referred to as psychospirituality. This is usually seen as separate from the brain and from brain health, even though it is acknowledged that meditation and mindfulness offer at least relaxation and stress reduction. By not including psychospiritual development in our understanding of brain wellness (or wellness in general), we’re missing out on an opportunity to get the healthiest brain possible. Conversely, by making our brains vibrantly well, we can better experience the highest stages of human develop

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