Consume Your Emotions, Before They Consume You

When we’re overwhelmed by our emotions, the most important—and most difficult—thing to recognize is that we can consume the energy of whatever is gripping us. Otherwise we’re just torn apart, like a fish being mauled by sharks. What’s happening is real and painful, but if we recognize that our emotions function within a narrow level of our consciousness, we can save ourselves from being devoured. Even as we’re being bludgeoned by an experience, we can pull back and tune in to a deeper dimension in ourselves.

We must find a place inside that isn’t driven by emotional quantity but is the abode of openness and stillness. Then we have somewhere to go to when emotion grabs us. If we’ve never gone there before, we don’t recognize that we have a choice in that moment of crisis. But if we have made contact with our center, even a powerful emotion can only grip a

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