Isa Gucciardi on Shamanism, Depth Hypnosis and Integration (#50)

About the Guest

Isa Gucciardi is the Founding Director and lead teacher of the Foundation of the Sacred Stream. The workshops and training programs of the Foundation are part of her larger vision for helping people who are interested in stepping into greater consciousness and leading happier lives. Her primary focus is on teaching, writing, and curriculum development. Isa is also the creator of the groundbreaking therapeutic model, Depth Hypnosis, which is born from her studies in transpersonal psychology, cultural and linguistic anthropology, comparative religion, hypnotherapy, and transformational healing. Isa has lived in eleven countries and she speaks five languages. The mother of two children, she is a potter and gardener, a stained glass artist, a piano enthusiast, and an herbalist. In addition to her busy teaching schedule, she has an active Depth Hypnosis counseling and consulting practice in San Francisco.

In this Episode, we discuss:

  1. Shamanism and the shamanic journeying practice
  2. How Isa has integrated the buddhist practices into her path and evolution as a healer
  3. The importance of having a disciplined spiritual practice
  4. How the practices from Mahayana, Vajrayana, and Tantrayana buddhism are similar to shamanic concepts (including the movement of elements and the transformation of negativity)
  5. How shamanic and buddhist technologies facilitate in-depth work with the altered state in a “creative way”
  6. The process of “Insight inquiry” that allows practitioners to reflect on the insights experienced during Depth Hypnosis to allow for further healing
  7. What has contributed to the pervasive self-loathing experience in Western culture
  8. The meaning of the word “hypnosis” within the practice of “Depth Hypnosis”
  9. The conception of reality according to shamanism
  10. The role of journeying within the shamanic practice
  11. The difference between shamanic journeying and meditation
  12. Methods of integrating insight experienced through plant medicine
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