Light and Sound

Energy medicine is in some ways very basic to all experience and yet it is something that is quite difficult to speak about. One of the reasons it’s difficult to talk about energy medicine is because it refers to phenomena that are usually beyond the purview or perception of our everyday waking consciousness. As children we do have a wider perception of the subtle experience that underlies our thoughts words and actions. We may ask questions about these perceptions and we may be met with unhelpful responses or inadequate answers to our questions. This is because the adults around us have lost contact with what we are perceiving. Part of ‘growing up’ involves learning how to focus on perceiving things primarily with our conscious mind’s value system. Our conscious mind values organization, goal setting, and fitting into conscious reality in a way that does not stray too far from the socially accepted norms we all learn to live by as we are growing up. Our education system focu

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