Psychedelics, Spirituality, and Transformation

We are in exciting times with psychedelic medicines.  In the last decade, research has resumed with FDA  approved  studies involving MDMA and psilocybin (mushrooms).  With Phase 3 studies beginning now, the potential for prescription of MDMA and psilocybin in the early 2020s looms large. And available now is the potent dissociative anesthetic ketamine which has become stage center medicine for depression. Its off-label designation will soon be transformed into an official FDA  ‘indication’ for treatment resistant depression which affects the myriad patients of conservative psychiatric care who remain chronically depressed. In an ‘assisted psychotherapy’ format, ketamine is the first medicine in the psychedelic psychotherapy toolbox and its expanding use offers a new psychotherapeutic methodology.  Liberation from obsessional, traumatized and depressed mental states occurs routinely with patients changing as a result in their everyday lives.  The signature of ketamine is

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