Tantra: The Next Wave in Yoga?

Some years ago, an article by Nora Isaccs in Yoga Journal predicted that Tantra would be the “next evolution” in yoga. With the popularity of books such as the Radiance Sutras by Lorin Roche; a poetic interpretation of an old Tantric meditation text from the Middle Ages, and the proliferation of workshops, writings, podcasts and videos by Tantric scholars Douglas Brooks, Sally Kempton, Christopher Wallis, and many others, Tantric philosophy, yoga, and meditation practices are indeed becoming increasingly popular. What is Tantra’s relationship to yoga? What is Tantra? What are its roots? How relevant is this ancient tradition for modern yogis?

Yoga and Tantra: A Contentious Relationship

Many students of yoga, especially those undergoing yoga teacher training, are introduced to the Yoga Sutras. It is commonly believed that this text, composed by Patanjali between 200 BCE and 200 AD, represent the culmination of the ancient yoga tradition’s spiritual quest. These so-calle

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