The Meaning of Intention

Before there can be a result (karma), there is an action. Before action, there is one’s will. And before one’s will, there is one’s intention. By the time this piece goes up, Pesach (Passover) will be nearly over, but nonetheless, I think there are few more perfect times in the year for talking about intention than this. More familiarly, you might know that Pesach is the time of year in the Jewish calendar where people commemorate the Exodus story, remember oppressed people around the world, and celebrate freedom. But in my experience, Pesach is also about something more subtle: it is about asking questions and teaching/reminding others to never stop asking questions. Many Jewish sages have written, time and time again, that one of the most important parts of being Jewish, or even being human, is learning. Before intention, there must be knowledge. Still before knowledge, there must be learning. And it is learning which helps us have the capacity for both right understanding an

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