The Role of the Breath in Energy Medicine

The Hawaiians called the Europeans who landed on their shores in the late 1700s “haole.”1There are multiple meanings and histories of the word haole, including the use of the word to indicate all things foreign and the devolution of the term into a pejorative description of white people.  All of these are beyond the context of the citation in The Role of Breath in Energy Medicine.  Research regarding the use of breath in prayers and in greeting and the development of the word ‘haole’ to describe Europeans can be found in the following sources: In A History of Hawaiian Greeting Practices and Hospitality, Randi Kamuela Fong describes hospitality practices across the Pacific. Robert Bonville describes the history of the tradition of Honi or Hongi, the touching of foreheads and the exchange of breath in The Great Polynesian People.  Their History and Culture Fundamentals of Hawaiian Mysticism

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