The Status of Illusion

Nāsato vidyate bhāvo Nābhāvo vidyate satah Ubhayor api drsto ntas tv Anayos tattvadarsibhih The unreal has no being There is no nonbeing of the Real The truth about both these has been seen By the knowers of the Truth. Bhagavad Gita 2:16
We must start with the primary premise of Yoga philosophy and related schools of thought: True Reality is free from all qualities, atemporal, all-pervading, and impassive. Given this premise, various philosophies from the Indian subcontinent have converged on a single origin for all suffering  - Ignorance, or avidya. The word vidya derives from the same Indo-European root as “vision,” and it links, as comparable words in many languages do, correct understanding with correct sight. If someone is explaining something to me and I say, “Yes, I see!” I mean, “I understand!” To manifest vidya is to properly perceive reality from the perspective of the Absolut

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