The Transforming Brain in Yoga Practice

The central mystery of human life is consciousness: the relationship between mind and body, the origin and process of subjective experience. These questions remain confounding, but this is not to say we have not come a long way. While we are by all accounts humbled in the face of both the brain’s extraordinary complexity and the completely unique nature of consciousness, the last 25 years have been a period of exponential growth in our ability to look at these questions scientifically. Of course, yogis have been inquiring into consciousness for a very long time, but this is purely from the other side of the conversation. Spiritual practice is an entirely subjective affair, whilst science seeks objective evidence. In a way, consciousness is at the junction of subjectivity and objectivity. It has simultaneously a neurobiological substrate with neuronal and biochemical correlates we are slowly but steadily identifying and brain regions that are being mapped, and a mysteriously private

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