War and Soul Loss

Summary: Spiritual imbalance in war veterans can be addressed with the use of Depth Hypnosis and Applied Shamanism, methodologies that help people to be present with their own pain. It has been unfashionable for veterans returning home from war to talk about the effect their experiences during the war has had on them. I have had countless children of veterans tell me that their fathers had never once spoken of their experience in World War II, Korea, or Vietnam. I have known veterans who stop speaking when war is brought up. Most men returning from war have turned to silence to deal with the trauma of their experience on the battlefield. This is, after all, the “manly” thing to do. The effect that this silence has on their personal life, their family life, and the society in which they live is often minimized or completely disregarded. The toll that we pay as a society for sending young men into situations of unimaginable horror is greater than most people like

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