What is Mālā?

Mālā literally means “garland.” Japa mālās are a string of beads used to count mantras. They have been used for centuries in India as a spiritual tool for meditation and prayer. Ideally, mālās have 108 beads. 108 is an important number in astronomy, astrology, architecture, mathematics, science, and elsewhere. The number is considered sacred by many cultures and traditions. You’ll find mālās with 27 beads. Counting four times around a mālā of 27 beads is equivalent to counting once on the 108 mālā.

Which Beads to Choose?

When purchasing a mālā, choose tulsi wood over the expansive, fancy gemstone ones. Tulsi is known as the most sacred plant in India and there- fore used for millennia by yogis for their prayer beads. Tulsi also has many physical healing properties. Touc

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