Distractions & Obstacles

We are just passing the halfway mark of the first book of the Yoga Sutras. What a journey it has been so far! The definition of yoga is presented – that when the vrittis, the activities of the mind, are controlled we stand in, purusha, our true nature – but there are five kinds of thoughts that can trouble the mind and keep us in our thoughts instead. Through practice and detachment, the super consciousness state of samadhi arises and we stand in our highest Self. We learned that there are five prerequisites to samadhi but that there is also a direct route – via devotion to Ishvara. By chanting AUM, we not only attain samadhi but we also realize that nature of Ishvara, which is the same as spiritual consciousness, which is the same as purusha. See that? Yoga = Purusha = Samadhi = Ishvara = Purusha = Yoga  

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