Feel it In Your Bones: On the Anava Mala

I have a little story to tell. It turns out the girls track team at my local high school is the fastest in the country; they recently won first place in the nation. No one can figure it out, as it is a tiny little high school, but we know it has something to do with the coach - he gets amazing results year after year. He makes these average girls believe they can run that fast, and year after year they rise to the occasion. What does he tell them?  How does he communicate it?  I remember reading in college about a psychologist named Rosenthal who came up with the concept of the ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’. He designed a study, in which teachers were told that a certain class they were teaching was made up of kids with high IQs: “gifted” students. And sure enough, these randomly composed classes consistently achieved significantly higher scores when tested at the end of the year. And they wondered, what is it that the teacher is doing with these kids?

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