The Culture War: Responding to a Homo/Transphobic Yogi

I recently encountered my first socially conservative yogi. It was in the context of one of those notorious Facebook debates, where people feel comfortable showing more fangs than perhaps they would in person, casting more stones because the sympathetic experience of the human face is absent. While I wasn't the one debating, in this instance, it nonetheless struck me deeply and has had me reeling with angst ever since. Reading the comments of one whom many would consider a walking oxymoron (conservative yogi?) came on the heals of my recent conversation with Michael Stone for the CHITHEADS podcast. Both figures offer examples of interpreting the philosophical teachings of the East from within a constellation of socio-political concerns -- even if, to most of us, Mr. Stone's observations would appear "right" set alongside the belligerent hate-ravings of a socially conservative "yogi". [Check out