Dharma and the House of Hidden Talents

I visited an Astrocartographer - an astrologist who is adept at determining what part of the world is favorable for you. There were a few surprises of where I could live (Santa Fe, anyone?) but the concept that stuck with me most is the House of Hidden Talents. In Astrology, identity is determined by what planets are in the "First House" of the natal chart.  However, some aspects or talents can become hidden in another house, not to manifest until we move. We know that Ayurveda is a paradigm of context. What is good to eat or do or practice will change and evolve through time and space. Astrology concurs that the manifest personality can be altered according to time and place as well. We are not as fixed as we may have thought – we have Free Will and discernment with which to ride the tides of life, possibly appearing on another shore. Dharma, one’s righteous path, is the primary purpose of life according to Ayurveda. Dharma can also be translated

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