Interpersonal Connection, Compassion, and Well-Being

From Loizzo, J., Neale, M., Wolf, E., Eds. (2017). Advances in Contemplative Psychotherapy: Accelerating Healing and Transformation. New York: Routledge.

Chapter 8

Interpersonal Connection, Compassion, and Well-Being:

The Science and Art of Healing Relationships

In this chapter I'd like to explore what the field of interpersonal neurobiology has to teach us as psychotherapists about the role of human relationships, especially compassionate relationships, in health and well-being. This field is one in which we approach human life from multiple disciplines--physics, biology, psychology, sociology, anthropology--and try to bring them all to bear on understanding things from the standpoint of consilience. Consilience refers to those ways in which all the disciplines that shed light on all different aspects of our human experience, health, and well-being con

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