Sacrificing Ourselves

A beautiful section in chapter four of the Bhagavad Gītā describes action through the poetics of sacrifice. It is fascinating in its relevance to practitioners – you and me – who are intrigued by how we should most skilfully act and interact.  

As yoga practitioners we are technicians, cultivators of precise action. Action that binds together and focuses our bodies, hearts and minds. Action that reveals truth. Rather than pursuing narrow and hazily perceived self-interest, acting within the form of sacrificial offering decentres our egoic self. The egoic self, or who we think we are, is characterised by name and form (nāmarūpa). Executing required action as skilfully as we can lets nāmarūpa drop away. Whatever is revealed in its place is inexpressible because it is not what we think it is.

Poetry is one way of approaching inexpressible truths, such as in this passage from chapter

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