Georgi Y. Johnson on Nondual Therapy (#111)

About the Guest

Georgi Y. Johnson graduated from Oxford University with a determination to explore the mysteries of perception through mind, heart and body. Together with her partner Bart ten Berge she has an international teaching and healing practice in Nondual Therapy and Spiritual Psychology.

Georgi is author of several books, including I AM HERE ‚ Opening the Windows of Life & Beauty (a study of the nature of consciousness), and Nondual Therapy‚ The Psychology of Awakening. She is presently completing a new book: Nondual Medicine‚ The Physiology of the Soul.

All Georgi’s teachings arise out of the realization of the primacy of resonant experience in the movement toward wellbeing, health and happiness. In this, her approach is radically holistic, working with the vibratory field of the felt sense as prior to physical, psychological can mental manifestations. Implicit in this is the liberation of consciousness from the inherited conditioning of beliefs.

In this episode we discuss:

  1. Contemplating death, existence looking at non-existence
  2. Trauma, dissociation, suffering and spiritual emergency
  3. The mysteries of perceptions through mind, heart, and body
  4. Taking emotional responsibility through spiritual healing
  5. Nondual Therapy, the psychology of awakening, in contrast to traditional therapy
  6. Ways of responding to fear and anger from the lens of non-dual therapy
  7. Passion and finding sense of purpose within suffering
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