What is Grief?

“When you are about to die, you may not be very aware of your body.  You may experience some numbness, and yet you are caught in the idea that this body is you.  You are caught in the notion that the disintegration of this body is your own disintegration.  That is why you are fearful.  You are afraid you are becoming nothing.  The disintegration of the body cannot affect the dying person’s true nature.  You have to explain to him that he is life without limit.  This body is just a manifestation, like a cloud.  When a cloud is no longer a cloud, it is not lost.  It has not become nothing; it has transformed; it has become rain.  Therefore, we should not identify our self with our body.”

No Death, No Fear, Thich Nhat Hanh

I once heard about a young Irish mother who lost three children and a husband to influenza,

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