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Spiritual Citizenship Conference

A Free Online Conference & Workshop Series
  • Through talks, workshops, and panel discussions, these inspired leaders will highlight the silver lining that appears when we augment our current socio-political commitments with the wisdom of spiritual and esoteric traditions.
  • From a growing despair, we will locate the impulse for creative, cultural evolution.
  • From an obsession with apocalyptic possibilities, we will cultivate a vision for the wiser path ahead – even as we face honestly the hard work yet to come.
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Upcoming Online Courses

The Somatics of Intuition: The Art & Science of Flashes, Hunches, and Gut Feelings

Intuition is our inborn capacity for rapid and embodied response, permitting automatic and rapid reactions within an uncertain and unpredictable…

Sanskrit: Level 1, 2 & 3

In this three-part course, you will take an immersive journey into learning the Sanskrit language. This course will be a…

Decolonial Yoga: A Contemplative Approach to Dismantling Cultural Appropriation

Cultural appropriation is a highly charged concern in the world of contemporary spirituality, and modern yoga in particular; but all…

Sanskrit: Level 3

In this course, we will build upon what we learned in the Level 1 and 2 Sanskrit courses. We will…

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Certificate Programs

Yoga Philosophy | Year-Long Online Training

Yoga Philosophy encompasses a range of texts and traditions, from the Vedas to Haṭha Yoga. Check back for Fall 2021 Enrollment Details in June.

MindBody Therapy | Online Training & Certification

MindBody Therapy is a holistic approach to healing the psychological, spiritual, and physical levels of the individual. Check back for Fall 2021 Enrollment Details in June.

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